Handyman Services in Dubai

Bright Orion has a better work ethics and providing extensive handyman services all over Dubai. It provides exclusive services no matter what condition you have. From installation work to cleaning we do everything in reasonable price. Bright Orion has been working with domestic and commercial projects for 10 years. We also have some of the best teams for diverse work flow to keep providing with all kinds of services related to the industry. With reputation, we are consisting of experienced team members to provide the best service possible.

Unlike most of the service providers, Bright Orion has a dedicated team of handyman professionals who are tirelessly working toward home improvement in Dubai. When you are under our service, you be out of tension because our expert professionals will handle everything with care. Besides, we provide emergency services all around Dubai so that nobody is out of service. Currently we are offering a range of handyman services including electrical services, plumbing services, masonry, replacement and many more. We know professionalism and our experts will help fixing in a best way possible.

Your One-Stop Handyman Solution

Electrical Handyman

Bright Orion provides electrical handyman services along with a range of other services related to this industry. Our professionals are trained in fixing local and international electrical equipment and home system. So anybody who need to repair, install and move equipment, our team is there for you. We do all kinds of odd jobs related to Electrical Handyman. No work is small or less important to us, from fitting a light bulb to changing electrical switch, our professionals will reach your door front.

Plumber Handyman

Plumbing work is the most important maintenance service in the world. Because, without Water and Gas, city life becomes hell. Dubai is growing fast and this supersonic city needs expert plumber handyman. It is not impossible that accident may happen anytime. Gas leak and water leak or broken water tap is really a big problem. If you need to fix anything, we are receiving emergency calls anytime anywhere in Dubai. We replace water tap, change water pipe, fix gas leaks or anything that might feel problematic to you.

Carpenter Handyman

Bright Orion has served many domestic and industrial projects with carpentry services. We have a dedicated team of full-fledged carpentry work but for carpenter handyman services we have another team of expert professionals. If you are locked out or you need to change your door or to fix something on your wooden floor. Bright Orion will always reach out to you in time. Even if you are confused about your problem, our handyman professionals will make a free inspection to determine the problem for you. We are just one call away from your home or office to fix everything you need to.

Cleaning Handyman

Beside a team of full-fledged cleaning service provider, we also have a cleaning handyman team for odd jobs. Suppose you need a cleaning service for occasional purpose or you need a partial or particular small space to clean for. Our professional cleaning handymen will be in assistance 24/7. From garden to your toilet, we will take care of everything. Your problem always has a solution to us. Do you need to clean your water tank? Do you need to clean you swimming pool? Just call us to hire a handyman expert.

Other Odd Jobs

No job is small to us so we do every odd jobs too. If you need to hang a painting on your wall or hang window curtain blinds. Our expert professionals of handyman services will do that for you. Unlike other handyman services in Dubai we have years of experience in a wide range of maintenance services beside this. So trusting us is more than just wisdom.

Why Bright Orion for Handyman Services?

Bright Orion has a team of highly skilled professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the field. In last 10 years we have provided services to a significant number of housing, commercial and industrial projects all around Dubai. Dubai based projects have to be highly sophisticated and UAE citizens are highly luxurious. So depending on others may not be a wise decision. On the other hand, Bright Orion has skilled professionals from all the maintenance services so, every single problem has a solution to us. Not to mention, problem may occur while you are doing management work. For example, to fix carpentry work another problem may appear. In that case, we are there with all the other maintenance work. So, our professional experience consists of diverse working platform with highly trained professionals all around Dubai.


Emergency Services

We are open for 24/7 because we understand your emergency. As anyone can encounter trouble at home or office anytime, we are ready to provide you instant services from expert handyman professionals in Dubai. If you are in trouble, we make sure that you don’t have to be stuck for long. Just Make a call, best experts will arrive at your door step anytime and anywhere in Dubai.

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