Bright Orion MC is a full scale Air Condition service provider based in Dubai. Throughout our journey, we are building a strong team highly capable of carrying out installation, servicing and repair of all the major brands. So, we are specialized in air condition services and indoor air system modification with 10 years of top notch market experience both for home and commercial AC services.

In Dubai, Air Conditioner needs to perform well in order to maintain proper cooling system. Due to the rough weather, AC parts become less efficient. If all the units are not under proper maintenance, the life cycle dramatically reduces. Similarly, a well-designed installation is an important factor behind energy efficient and effective Cooling system. Beside Air Condition Services, we are also offering electrical services and other home maintenance services. So that we can assure full support to our clients. 

In addition to fix your problem, our well trained and experienced air conditioner servicing professionals are there for you with an extensive capability of understanding air conditioning system. Because of our capable team, we assure professional services for clients and we are thoroughly focused on customer satisfaction.

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  • Air Conditioning, heating and ventilation installation and repairing
  • Plan and Support maintenance
  • Emergency Service for 24/7
  • Monitoring and performance Reporting

FREE Inspection

Before we take up any work, our air condition service experts will make an inspection for FREE to detect any kind of problem and challenges in your Conditioning system. Besides, before installation, our inspection will determine the best possible ways to layout the cooling system to get highest minimum output. In the meantime, we will analyze and plan to make the system more energy efficient.

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Our Work Process

  1. Firstly, after the inspection, Bright Orion will provide you with a detail report of the present condition and depending on that we will suggest the best possible initiatives.
  2. Secondly, after the confirmation of clients, we start working on the issues to fix and minimize any kind of damage. We assure you, we never replace any equipment and parts until it is dead.
  3. Finally, we deliver the work within our deadline. Our expert team will also provide you with some relevant information to avoid further damage.

Why Bright Orion for Air Condition Services?

To be precise, Bright Orion is aged enough to reach next level of professionalism.  And our air condition services experts are highly trained and experienced. Therefore, we are always concerned about our own reputation, which makes us hiring the best of the best technicians in the industry. Firstly, we value customer satisfaction and we value your time and money. Secondly, our work ethics is to engineer the solution not just for instant work but to work in the long run. And last but not the least, trustworthy suppliers are very important in maintenance and services industry. Due to bad quality parts, the entire system become vulnerable and Bright Orion does not compromise with quality. Therefore, we know where to buy and what to buy for best performance and durability.

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